Simulation-based Courses

We have partnered with Meta Innovation technologies to add powerful simulation-based courses to our education services. 

This selection of courses employs simulations to help you visualize scientific concepts and interact with them, and pose questions that get you to think.

MetaKinetic simulation-based courses equip you with intuitive learning and analytical thinking in Geosciences and Engineering.

About Meta Innovation Technologies

Meta's mission is to enable Geoscience and Engineering professionals and students to develop a fundamental understanding of technical concepts in the most effective and efficient way possible through immersive simulation-based training.

The metaKinetic platform is a simulation-based training platform created with user interaction in mind to empower organizations with incorporating the concept of "learning by doing" into their training programs. 

Title Registration
Metakinetic: Wedge modeling   Expected soon
Metakinetic: Detectability Analysis   Expected soon
Metakinetic: Volume of Shale - Gamma Ray Log   Expected soon
Metakinetic: PVT Analysis   Expected soon
Metakinetic: Rock Mass Rating   Expected soon
Metakinetic: Borehole Breakout Analysis   Expected soon

Metakinetic: Wedge modeling   

Metakinetic: Detectability Analysis   

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Metakinetic: Volume of Shale - Gamma Ray Log   

Metakinetic: PVT Analysis   

Metakinetic: Rock Mass Rating    

Metakinetic: Borehole Breakout Analysis