List of Distinguished Lecturer Programme (DLP) Webinars

Title (click for details) Topic Area Webinar Date  Registration EarthDoc Paper 
Low Frequency Seismic Acquisition on Land by Bart Duijndam Acquisition April 2022 Request
DLP Webinar on GeoChron-Based Restoration Workflow Applied to Clyde Seismic Dataset by Dr. Anne-Laure Tertois  Geomodelling  July 2022  Request  
DLP Webinar on AI Seismic Interpretation of vintage seismic data with implications for CCS site characterisation by Dr Ryan Williams  Seismic Interpretation May 2022  Request  
DLP Webinar on The contribution of NSG to measure soil related terroir factors in viticulture by Dr Cornelis van Leeuwen Near Surface Geoscience  July 2022  Request  
DLP Webinar on Elastic full waveform inversion of DAS data: Theoretical developments and application to a VSP from a field site in Newell County, Alberta by Dr Matthew Eaid
Waveform Inversion August 2022 Request  
DLP Webinar on Distribution of Faulted Mesozoic and Tertiary Seals for CO2 Storage in the Northern Horda Platform, Norwegian North Sea by Dr Johnathon L. Osmond
 CO2 Storage July 2022  Request  

List of EAGE E-Lecture Webinars

Title (click for details) Topic Area Webinar Date   Registration EarthDoc Paper 
Quantitative prediction of injected CO2 at Sleipner using wave-equation based AVO by Peter Haffinger Reservoir Characterisation
Request Read here
Seismic Monitoring of the United Downs Deep Geothermal Power Project (UDDGP) Site with Public Seismic Networks by Germán Rodríguez Seismic Processing - Request Read here
Depth Domain Inversion: a Least-squares Migration Approach to Quantitative Interpretation by Claudio Leone Surface Imaging - Request Read here
Seismic Attenuation: Friend or Foe by Mark Vardy   Seismic Processing
Request Read here
FWI with Optimal Transport: a 3D Implementation and an Application on a Field Dataset by Jeremie Messud

Surface Imaging 

- Request Read here
In Pursuit of Increased Resolution While Preserving Amplitude Fidelity by Joseph Reilly Seismic Acquisition  - Request Read here
Automated top and base salt interpretation using machine learning by Oddgeir Gramstad  Data Science  - Request Read here

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