E-Lecture Webinar: Chevron Optimization Framework for Imaging and Inversion (COFII) – an Open-source and Cloud Friendly Julia Language Framework for Seismic Modeling and Inversion

Webinar details
Instructor:  John Washbourne
Duration:   20 min + Q&A
Discipline:  Cloud friendly seismic imaging and inversion framework 
Main topics:   
Language:   English

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We present the Chevron Optimization Framework for Imaging and Inversion (COFII), an open-source framework for seismic modeling and inversion written in the Julia language that is designed to be easy to use in both cloud and traditional high performance computing environments. A primary objective is to foster an environment where academia and industry can easily collaborate on geophysical problems requiring high performance applications, and the package has been designed to allow interoperability with other Julia language tools. 

The COFII framework enables easy testing of new ideas at production scale by defining interfaces for nonlinear and linear operators. With COFII “the math is the API”, and we show how composition of chains of simple operators can implement complex workflows. 

We demonstrate how COFII includes the tools needed for high-performance finite difference modeling, full waveform inversion, and reverse time migration, and describe how simple adaptation enables the framework to operate in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

About the Lecturer

John Washbourne has been with Chevron for 20 years and is currently a staff geophysicist with the Chevron Technology Center. Previously he was chief research geophysicist with TomoSeis, a crosswell seismic service company. His interests include seismic modeling and inversion, constrained optimization, high performance computing, and cloud native infrastructure. Away from the office he enjoys backpacking, xc skiing, and cycling.