DLP Webinar on Analysis of a Local Earthquake in the Arctic using a 120 km long Fibre-Optic Cable

Webinar details: 
Instructor:  Robin André Rørstadbotnen
Duration:  15 min + Q&A
Discipline:  Seismic Processing
Main topics:  Passive Seismology & Fiber-optic Sensing
Language:  English

Next Delivery: 25 September 2023, 10:00 CEST

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Using a 120 km long fiber-optic array, with a channel spacing of 4 m, we can see interesting features along the cable length. We show how we can locate a local earthquake recorded on Distributed Acoustic Sensing date and compare it to the locations reported by the two earthquake catalogues in Norway. The ray tracing and grid search procedure used in the localization will be discussed. The simple pre-processing job, used to enhance the signal-to-noise ratio of the data as well as enhance the first-break arrivals used in the localization study, will be presented.

Participant's Profile

Researchers interested in distributed acoustic sensing, earthquake seismology, monitoring of induces seismicity

About the Lecturer

Geophysicist on his last year of the PhD (to be finished in August/September 2023)

  • Master's degree in earthquake seismology from University of Bergen,Norway 
  • PhD degree from NTNU, focusing on passive recording system with main emphasis on distributed acoustic sensing.