Subsurface Utility Engineering Detection & Mapping of Subsurface Utilities

Course Description

Having accurate knowledge of subsurface/ underground/ buried utilities (pipes/ cables/ drains etc.) is critical for any infrastructure project. The successful detection and mapping of buried utilities involves the combination of several techniques, the results of which are synthesized down to a single interpreted plot. The techniques and methodologies used will primarily depend upon the required outcome for the survey, the site conditions and the type of pipes or cables being targeted. Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) is an upcoming field dealing with procedure and standards for detection and mapping of underground utilities. The course comprehensively covers all the aspects related to conducting a successful underground utility detection and mapping project.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Learn how to detect and map buried pipes and cables (metallic & non-metallic) without digging
  • Learn Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Learn Induction Locators (cable & pipe locators/ radio locators)
  • Understand quality levels of SUE (Subsurface Utility Engineering)
  • Advanced data processing of Ground Penetrating Radar data
  • Avoid accidents/ damage to underground utilities during construction

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)
  • Utility Quality Level Attributes
  • Steps and procedures for QL-D data collection
  • Survey procedures for collecting QL-C data (including use of total station, DGPS, etc.)
  • Field Procedure and Approaches for GPR Surveys
  • Data Processing of GPR data
  • Data interpretation of GPR data
  • Field Procedure and Approaches for EPL Surveys
  • SUE map preparation guidelines, including plan, L section etc.

Participants’ Profile

This course will help professionals, engineers and managers from entire spectrum of construction, infrastructure and municipal sector.



About the Instructor

Dr. Sanjay Rana is a geophysicist by profession. He has been working in the field of engineering geophysics for last 30 years. Dr Rana graduated in 1990 from University of Roorkee, now IIT Roorkee, in M Tech (Applied Geophysics), as Gold Medalist. Dr Rana started his career with UP State Government and also worked briefly as Scientist ‘C’ with Department of Atomic Energy. He became an entrepreneur in 1995, starting first ever engineering geophysics company in private sector in India.

He has been instrumental in starting full-fledged operations in private sector providing services like seismic refraction, ground penetrating radar, electrical tomography, seismic tomography, Microgravity, magnetic etc. He has carried out geophysical investigations for more than 2000 projects including projects in India, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Singapore, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Bhutan, Kuwait etc. He Initiated the concept of SUE in India in 2001 and is principal author of Indian code/ standard for Subsurface Utility Engineering.