26 April 2019

This E-lecture: Theory for Marchenko Imaging of Marine Seismic Data with Free Surface Multiple Elimination; introduces the theory for reflector imaging from marine seismic data that include ghosts, free surface and internal multiple reflections. First, we look at building the necessary redatuming operators from the data when the free surface would not be present. The redatuming operators are found as the focusing functions that are not influenced by the presence or absence of the free surface. Next, a matrix equation is found from which the focusing functions are computed using the measured data decomposition into up- and downgoing waves. No other processing steps are required. The scheme does not need information about the source time signature or the actual character of the free surface. A macro-model is necessary to construct an estimate of the direct part of the focusing function. The ghost, free surface and internal multiple reflections do not create false images and an artefact free image is obtained.

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