22 July 2021

In this EAGE E-Lecture: Advances in acquisition and processing technology are an enabler for improving the resolution of our seismic images. However, care must be taken to ensure these imaging enhancements retain the amplitude fidelity necessary to allow for accurate reservoir identification and characterization; including detailed AVO/DHI analysis. Acquisition, processing and interpretation all play important and interrelated roles in obtaining the maximum utility from the seismic data. In this eLecture we will discuss where resolution and data fidelity can be gained or lost, what factors primarily determine bandwidth recovery, and what decisions still need to be made in a somewhat subjective, target oriented manner. In the presentation data from the Guyana marine deepwater environment will be used to demonstrate fundamental principles and the evolution of acquisition and processing workflows over the history of this project. Finally, we will suggest areas where additional improvements can be achieved in seismic field technologies, processing and interpretations workflows.

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