20 June 2021

This EAGE E-Lecture: "Full Waveform Inversion of Love Waves in Anisotropic Media" (Valérie Krampe, ETH Zürich), deals with the integration of vertical transverse isotropy in seismic full waveform inversion. Vertical transverse isotropy is a type of anisotropy that is typical for horizontally layered sediments. Our focus lies on near-surface applications of full waveform inversion, where the wavefield is dominated by surface waves. By inverting only the SH-component of the seismic data, the inverse problem is reduced to three independent parameters, namely the vertical and horizontal S-wave velocities and density. With numerical examples, we show that the two velocity models can accurately be resolved by full waveform inversion. In comparison to an isotropic inversion, a more comprehensive subsurface model can be obtained, which allows a better characterization of shallow anisotropic media.

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