E-Lecture Webinar on  Joint inversion of gravity and magnetic fields: first results of the XORN project

Webinar details
Instructor:   Dr Daniele Sampietro
Duration:   30 min include Q&A
Main topics:   Potential field inversion
Language:   English

Next Delivery: 14 December 2023 | 9AM CET

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Gravity and magnetic fields inversion is sometimes considered a second rank method to retrieve information about subsurface geological structures, in favour of other geophysical techniques, such as seismic which are generally able to provide a high-resolution detailed picture of the main geological horizons. However, when few seismic acquisitions are available or when they fail, potential fields, can represent a valid and cheap tool to complete and enhance geophysical modelling of the Earth’s crust. In the current work we present the potentialities of an advanced Bayesian technique to jointly invert gravity and magnetic fields. The most important feature of the algorithm, which makes it different from the majority of other classical inversion schemes, is that it allows to invert at the same time for the 3D density/magnetic susceptibility distributions and for the geometry of the main geological units in a harmonised way. The algorithm also consents to consider in a simple and straightforward way several geological and geophysical constraints. In this way, the result of the inversion is an improved geological model that could be designed by an expert geologist and that fits the observed gravity and magnetic fields. The Inversion potentiality is presented in a real case study where the main crustal layers of the Mediterranean Sea region are retrieved.

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Those interested in gaining insight into novel alternatives to monitor the subsurface and CO2 plumes in an offshore setting.

About the Lecturer

Daniele Sampietro is BOD member and senior researcher in Geomatics Research & Development srl (GReD). He received is PhD degree with honours in 2009, whit a thesis on the “Inverse gravimetric problem with GOCE data”. From 2009 to 2011 he was postdoctoral researcher at Politecnico di Milano, working on the modelling and inversion of the gravity field to estimate geoid undulations and crustal structure at regional scale. His main research activity concerns the processing and interpretation of the Earth’s gravity field at regional and local scales for resource exploration activities. He is author and co-author of about 60 publications peer-reviewed at international level and 1 book.