October 2023

Most subsurface geoenergy applications (e.g. CCS; H 2 & gas storage; geothermal…) use geomodelling to calculate volumetrics, plan for production/injection of fluids, and/or minimise and mitigate risk due to geological uncertainty. Modelling workflows are often too time-consuming and computationally expensive to capture the full extent of the uncertainty space and scale. Sketch-based modelling with flow diagnostics provides a prototyping approach to quickly build geomodels and generate quantitative results to evaluate volumetrics and flow behaviour. This approach allows users to rapidly test the sensitivity of model outputs to different geological concepts and uncertain parameters, and informs selection of geological concepts, scales and resolutions to be investigated in more detailed models. Rapid Reservoir Modelling (RRM) is a sketch-based modelling tool with an intuitive interface that allows users to rapidly sketch geological models in 3D. Geological models that capture the essence of heterogeneity of interest and related uncertainty can be created within minutes. Flow diagnostics then instantly computes key indicators of predicted flow and storage behaviour within seconds, using simple, geologically intuitive workflows that do not require prior geomodelling expertise.

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