DLP Webinar on A semi-airborne EM study of the Hope ore deposit (Namibia) using a drone-based concept

Webinar details
Instructor:  Philipp Oliver Kotowski
Duration:  30 minutes include Q&A
Main topics:  Drone-based semi-airborne electromagnetics, Mineral exploration
Language:  English

Next Delivery: 28 June 2024, 11:00 AM CEST

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The webinar focuses on semi-airborne electromagnetics, a technique utilizing ground-based transmitters and a passive airborne receiver towed by a multicopter to detect conductive subsurface targets. This approach offers increased penetration depths compared to conventional methods, and the transmitter configuration can be tailored for optimal target response. Results from a case study that characterizes the Hope ore body in Namibia are presented. This well-explored copper-rich deposit with known dimensions provides an ideal subject for this drone-based exploration method.

Participant's Profile

Researchers working on EM methods or with UAVs Parties or individuals involved in ore exploration

About the Lecturer

Philipp Oliver Kotowski entered a geophysics curriculum at the University of Münster and graduated with a Master's degree in 2019. He stayed in Münster to study at the Institute of Geophysics as a PhD student working on deep electromagnetic exploration techniques. The focus of his research is on the implementation of electromagnetic methods for uncrewed aerial vehicles.