1 October 2018

Wide-azimuth long-offset OBC/OBN surveys provide a suitable framework to perform computationally-efficient 3D frequency-domain full waveform inversion (FWI) with a few discrete frequencies. Frequency-domain seismic modeling is performed efficiently with moderate computational resources for a large number of seismic sources with the sparse multifrontal direct solver MUMPS. The relevance and the computational efficiency of the frequency-domain FWI performed in the visco-acoustic VTI approximation is shown with a real 3D OBC case study from the North Sea. The subsurface models built by FWI show a dramatic resolution improvement relative to the initial model built by reflection traveltime tomography down to the base cretaceous reflector below the reservoir level. The relevance of the FWI model is assessed by frequency-domain and time-domain seismic modellings and source wavelet estimation, which might reveal the footprint of attenuation on the imaging results.

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