Time-Lapse Seismic: A Multidisciplinary Tool for Effective Reservoir Management

Course Description

Geophysical Reservoir Monitoring (GRM) of reservoirs relies on frequent time-lapse observations with high-survey repeatability. This technology is a key enabler for maximizing the oil recovery of oil and gas fields. The GRM technology aims at understanding and updating the knowledge of producing reservoirs. This is achieved through mapping the movement of fluid and pressure fronts and fluid contacts during production and injection. The combination of production monitoring with repeated seismic acquisition and geological and reservoir information provides reliable estimates of static and dynamic reservoir parameters.

The lecture will first review the geophysical reservoir monitoring history at Equinor. We will share our experience with 4D processes, resources allocation and the overall monitoring strategy. The lecture will also cover challenges in understanding the 4D responses and value creation.

Finally, we will look at how we push the GRM technology towards higher use of quantitative results.

Course Objectives

The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of the importance and the benefit of time-lapse seismic.

Course Outline

  • Theory of time lapse monitoring
  • How do we plan for time lapse seismic?
  • The value of acquiring time lapse data.
  • How are time-lapse data managed by the asset and integrated in the reservoir management process.
  • An overview of the latest developments in time-lapse monitoring in Equinor including PRM.

Participants’ Profile

This course should be of interest to managers, geoscientists, reservoir and petroleum engineers with an interest in reservoir management and monitoring using time-lapse seismic.

About the Instructor

Cedric Fayemendy is currently working with in Equinor with reservoir monitoring. He holds a master degree in Geophysics (1998) from University of Paris VI. He joined Equinor in 2010 after spending 12 years in the oil industry working with Schlumberger and ConocoPhillips.