Petroleum Exploration Strategy

Course Description

This course is set up as follows:

Chapter 1: Introduction;

Chapter 2: Definitions, elements of strategy, partnerships:

  • Reserves and costs;
  • Upstream actions, elements of strategy and petroleum partnership;

Chapter 3: Evaluation of Exploration projects:

  • 3a Working sequence and costs;
  • 3b The prospect Evaluation sheet or ‘Fiche Objective’;
  • 3c Economic criteria;
  • 3d Economic studies in exploration / appraisal;

Chapter 4: Partnerships, Contracts and mining acreage:

  • 4a Partnerships;
  • 4b The main petroleum contract types;

Chapter 5: Missions and role of the Geoscience / Exploration Manager in affiliates / Manager Career, a mixt of experiences;

Chapter 6: Practical case study.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • identify the pillars of exploration;
  • understand resources, risk, uncertainty and value.

Participants’ Profile

The course is designed for professionals with a geoscience background. Students should have at least Master’s degree.

About the Instructor

Jean-Jacques Biteau graduated in 1977 from ENSG, i.e Nancy Geology School. Since 1977, he has worked in a large variety of positions for Algerian Government (his first professional assignment as hydrogeologist) and then for Total (appointed in 1979 as Geological engineer) in headquarters and affiliates: Netherlands, Angola, France, as well short durations stays in Gabon, Congo.... His last active position was Vice President Coordination & Portfolio Management. He started for Total a phase of preretirement period in 2016.

He is currently Professor at ENSG School, IFP School and also teaches with Total Professor Associates classes covering “Pressures, Seals and Traps”. He was President of the EAGE Board from June 2017 to June 2019. He retired in April 2019 and now continues to serve as a teacher.