1 October 2018

This EAGE E-Lecture "A Novel Source-Over-Cable Solution to Address the Barents Sea Imaging Challenges " presents a full overview of the TopSeis source-over-cable solution. The challenging geologic setting in the Barents Sea is discussed and legacy seismic data is scrutinized in an effort to understand the fundamental challenges related to improved seismic imaging in the Barents Sea. The acquisition design behind the new technology is presented in detail, from the wide-towed small triple source setup to the split-spread deep towed streamers. Deblending of triple sources is presented as well as a detailed overview of the challenging demultiple problem. A number of seismic image comparisons are also presented illustrating the benefit achieved with the new source-over-cable solution. The final part of the talk looks into the future and proposes possible solutions to obtaining similar acquisition setups, but using only a single vessel towing both the sources and the streamers.

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