7 July 2020

In this EAGE E-Lecture: "METIS, a field-proof innovative method to revolutionize onshore seismic acquisition": METIS (Multiphysics Exploration Technology Integrated System) is an R&D project aimed to make seismic acquisition 4.0 a reality. From logistics to real-time data QC, the entire process has been redesigned with an holistic approach. An hybrid airship to replace helicopter, wireless/real-time/biodegradable sensors to automatize data acquisition and a Command & Control center to operate the system from the base camp. All these elements will allow low-cost, safe and efficient seismic operations in hard-to-reach places like the tropical rainforest of Papua New Guinea (PNG). End of 2017, the main technological bricks have been tested on PRL 15 concession, located onshore PNG, with a demonstration pilot where more than 60 DARTs were successfully dropped from a drone, through the canopy, to the ground with a good coupling. After few shots made with a mud-gun, real-time data acquisition has been validated in one of the most challenging environment to acquire seismic data. This first step is paving the way to the next pilot where a full 3D seismic volume will be acquired after thousands of sensors dropped by an autonomous swarm of drones.

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