28 January 2015

Current solutions to receiver deghosting of marine seismic data generally involve making complementary measurements of the wavefield or, alternatively, involve estimation of data not recorded due to ghost interference. In this talk, we introduce a new approach that rigorously deghosts single measurement data (p-wave only, for example) without relying on estimation of missing data, which was previously thought to be mathematically impossible. We use the wave equation to compute directly the up and downgoing wavefields between the receiver and the surface. This migration-like approach is possible given that the upcoming wavefield is causal with respect to the downgoing wavefield, a good assumption if certain types of noise such as the direct arrivals are removed from the recorded wavefield. Moreover, our method exposes the underlying physics of the problem and thereby naturally allows for complexities such as variable water velocity, sea surface, complex surface reflection conditions and arbitrary receiver configurations.

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