19 January 2016

The Cenozoic in the Dutch offshore is known to host abundant shallow amplitude anomalies related to hydrocarbons. The Netherlands is the first country in the North Sea area in which shallow gas is developed and has proven to be a valuable resource. Amongst 3 successfully producing fields and 5 additional proven accumulations, EBN has identified more than 150 leads from seismic data (bright spots). In terms of volumes several of those leads are expected to rank economically. The success of the producing fields, initial volumes, and the large availability of 3D seismic data has contributed to an increased interest from the industry. The work that is presented includes an overview of the shallow gas play in the northern Dutch offshore and focuses on the seismic characterization system established to help selecting those bright spots that have highest potential for development. The main objectives are to de-risk the play and to improve the understanding of the relation between seismic anomalies and gas saturation.

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