27 February 2014

Milana Ayzenberg (Statoil) discusses the different aspects of using 4D seismic for conditioning reservoir models. Assisted history matching is employed to match the reservoir production history and the 4D seismic inversion data simultaneously. The three building bricks of a conditioning workflow are the forward modelling from the reservoir model to the inverted 4D seismic attributes; the quantitative seismic inversion; and the history matching which closes the dynamic conditioning loop. Milana discusses in detail these three components, with a particular focus on the quantitative aspects and uncertainties in a 4D inversion. The conditioning workflow is demonstrated on a North Sea field which exhibits a complex 4D signal. The seismic data is inverted to 4D changes in elastic parameters. This data is further used for conditioning the reservoir model on equal footing with production and pressure data.

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