18 December 2019

Traditionally, reservoir elastic parameters inversion suffers from the unaccounted overburden multiple scattering and transmission imprint in the local input data used for the target-oriented inversion. In this E-lecture, we present a full-wavefield approach, called reservoir-oriented joint migration inversion (JMI-res), to estimate the high-resolution reservoir elastic parameters from surface seismic data. In the JMI-res, we reconstruct the fully redatumed virtual source-receiver data (local impulse responses) within the earth subsurface, while correctly accounting for the overburden internal multiples and transmission losses. Then, we apply a localized elastic full waveform inversion on the local impulse responses to get the elastic parameters. We show that JMI-res provides much more reliable local target impulse responses, thus yielding high-resolution elastic parameters, compared to a standard redatuming procedure based on time reversal of data. Moreover, this approach avoids the need to go full elastic for the whole subsurface, as within JMI-res elastic full waveform inversion is only restricted to the reservoir target domain.

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