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Machine Learning and Learning from Machines: Call for Contributions
What do you think about this statement?
"Ultimately, the interaction between machine and human can be implemented such that the hybrid outcome is the most optimized.” 

This conclusion drawn by Ehsan Naeini and Kenton Prindle in 2018 (published in The Leading Edge) is the incipit of a new project for which we would like to hear from you! Ehsan is compiling a range of case studies where you successfully implemented a ML pipeline and learned something from the data and/or had to deal with data quality issues that you had not thought of before. [Read here the full call for contributions]

These contributions will serve as valuable examples for a new EAGE e-Lecture or course (depending on the received content).


Please send your contribution to  
by 15 April 2022
EAGE has partnered with Meta Innovation technologies to add 6 powerful simulation-based courses to our education services. 

This selection of courses employs simulations to help you visualize scientific concepts and interact with them, and pose questions that get you to think.

MetaKinetic simulation-based courses equip you with intuitive learning and analytical thinking in Geosciences and Engineering.
Overview of Courses and registration
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The 2022 Extensive Online Short Courses calendar has been updated, we continuously complement our selection of courses with new hot industry topics.

Latest addition to our Extensive courses portfolio is Geological CO2 Storage by A. Busch, E. Mackay, F. Doster, M. Landro, P. Ringrose.
First delivery is scheduled to start 17 January 2022 followed by the second edition starting 3 May 2022.  
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