DLP Webinar: Exploration discoveries and future trends

Webinar details
Instructor:   Andrew Latham
Duration:   20 min + 15 min Q&A
Discipline:   O&G Exploration
Main topics:   Recent giant finds
Language:   English

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The oil and gas exploration industry has fixed its broken economics and emerged from the recent oil price downturn in good health. But the industry is now much smaller, with fewer companies drilling fewer wells. New field volumes discovered have fallen to 70-year lows. 
New plays and frontiers are often at the heart of the improved profitability. Companies that are prepared to take greater exploration risks are reaping greater rewards. This lecture reviews some of the most important new discoveries behind these trends.

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Anyone interested in big picture trends in oil and gas exploration, looking for an overview of the most important new plays and basins to emerge in recent years.

About the Lecturer

Oddgeir Gramstad

Dr Andrew Latham has over 25 years industry experience and currently leads Wood Mackenzie’s global exploration research. 
He started his career in 1990 as an international new ventures geologist with Ranger Oil. Later, as Ranger focused on West Africa, he became project geologist for Angola. 
Andrew graduated from Imperial College, London, with a BSc Honours degree in Geology, and holds a PhD in Geology from University College, Cardiff.