DLP Webinar: Resolution, Resolution, Resolution - An Ultra-High Resolution Seismic Case Study from the Barents Sea

Webinar details
Instructor:   Mikaël Garden
Duration:   45 min + 15 min Q&A
Discipline:   Geophysics
Main topics:   Seismic Acquisition, Seismic Processing
Language:   English

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Advances in ultra-high resolution (UHR) seismic technology means that resulting data is useful beyond site surveys and surface hazard identification. The technique has now conquered a few basins on the planet including the Gulf of Mexico and the Barents Sea where it has proven its value in development projects. 

This lecture will recount OMV’s experience with UHR seismic acquisition in the Barents Sea over the Wisting discovery. It will be articulated around four parts as all good seismic stories are: survey design, operations, data processing and inversion. It will start with the reasons why UHR was chosen, the “unreasonable” requirements for resolution impossible to achieve with conventional seismic. Some aspects of the seismic operations will follow to explain how operations were successful in this harsh environment. Then, the two proofs of the puddings, with examples to demonstrate the added value of UHR on both seismic data itself and inverted volumes.

Participants' Profile

The webinar is of interest to geophysicists contemplating the idea of working with, or just curious about, ultra-high resolution seismic data.

About the Lecturer

Mikael GardenMikaël Garden completed his Master’s degree in Geophysics from School and Observatory for Earth Sciences (EOST), Strasbourg, France in 1998. He then spent 17 years working for Schlumberger. He first spent a few years in R&D developing tools for joint inversion of surface seismic and gradiometry data in the US. He then learnt the ropes of seismic data acquisition from crews both offshore (Mediterranean Sea, West Africa, North Sea, Barents Sea) and onshore (Oman) before providing a geophysical support to WesternGeco’s seismic operations from the comfort of an office (UK, Malaysia and USA). Finally, he moved to seismic data processing (USA and UAE). Having seen all aspects of seismic from a contractor perspective, Mikaël decided to join an operator and he has been planning and supervising all of OMV’s seismic operations for the last three years, based in Austria.